Malmi school campus – a new project with A-Konsultit Architects

Together with A-Konsultitn Architects, we have started a new project designing the Malmi school campus. The assignment is the first as framework agreement consultants for the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki in the category of exceptionally demanding renovation projects, a position for which we were selected last spring. A limited invited architectural competition for the design of the Malmi campus was held between the framework agreement consultants. The competition included the renovation and extension of a protected school building along Kirkonkyläntie into a common campus for basic education and early childhood education. Now we will continue to develop our winning proposal ”Nelilehtinen” in cooperation with KASKO. The goal is for pupils and day-care children to be able to enter the premises in January 2028.

Thank you A-Konsultit and landscape architect Sarianna Salminen for your cooperation so far. We are happy to be a part of this project and look forward to the future!


Season's Greetings

A warm thank you to our clients and partners for the past year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our Christmas donation this year was directed to Finnish Red Cross’ fund-raising for Ukraine, Baltic Sea Action Group and SOS Children’s Villages.



Excursion in Copenhagen

Talli spent the end of last week visiting Copenhagen.

The excursion was filled with activities, great company and good food. We explored the city and its inspiring architecture on foot and with bikes, and also took a bus to enjoy Copenhagen’s surroundings. Some of us took a train to Odense to visit the beautiful H.C. Andersen museum by Kengo Kuma & Associates and MASU Planning.

Especially impressing were the Resource Rows and Upcycle Studios by Lendager, Arne Jacobsen’s Bellavista housing estate, Finn Juhls House and Jorn Utzon’s Fredensborg and Kingo Houses.

The Danish have fantastic skills of connecting buildings and nature to finish the surroundings.


Visiting the renovated House of Science and Letters!

We are back at work after the summer holidays!

Last Friday we left the office and the whole Ratakatu working community visited the House of Sience and Letters.   The building is waiting for the last touches of the renovation before being completed. The renovation project was carried out in collaboration between two architecture companies — we got to hear all about the history and renovation of the building by the project's principal designer Minna Lukander from Talli and project architect Jaakko Penttilä from Helander-Leiviskä architects. 

We will soon share pictures and details of the renovated building, stay tuned!




Hope from Wood - discussion event

Architect Minna Lukander initialised a Hope from Wood - discussion event last week on the 9th of December at the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Minna presented the outcome of the architectural competition for the Karviaistie 12 residential block renewal project, which sought an replicable and cost-effective solution for renovation using wood, and a subsequent development project, which aims to further refine the plans and develop the economic efficiency of the concept. Based on the initialization, we discussed more broadly the alternatives for demolishing, values in favour of preserving 1970s housing architecture and, for example, the roles of architects as intermediaries of values and as caregivers. Early next year, the Museum of Finnish Architecture will publish a blog post on their web page in which we will discuss the themes of the event more widely.

Thank you for Museum of Finnish Architecture, You Tell Me - collective and Ministry of the Environment of Finland for organizing the event, and thank you for the interesting and innovative conversation to everyone who participated!

Photo: Anni Koponen


1st Prize at the Invited Competition on the Transformation of the Karviaistie 12 Block of Flats

The proposal "Metsä Puilta" by Talli and A-Konsultit has won the invited competition organized by the City of Helsinki of the transformation of the Karviaistie 12 block of flats

The object of the competition was a complex of eight 3–4-storey precast concrete blocks of flats in Malmi built in 1977 and owned by Helsinki City Apartments Oy. The task was to find ways to renew the façades and elevate the buildings with two additional floors, making use of wood construction. 

The winning proposal combines the best features of the existing block with environmentally conscious wood construction, following the principle “simple is sustainable and thus beautiful”. The solution embodies good everyday construction with high-quality implementation and elegant detailing. 

Karviaistie area has potential for change towards better housing, more sustainable construction, and less material consumption. Our proposal is built on the idea that the negative impact on the planet is minimized by extending the life expectancy of buildings. This can be achieved by using proven construction methods and durable materials. The aim of the proposal is to create a comfortable and long-lasting living environment while supporting and raising awareness of biodiversity.

Structural engineering by Sitowise Oy


Tikkurila Riverside Plans in Helsingin Sanomat

Image: Pyry Kantonen

This past weekend Helsingin Sanomat featured Tikkurila Riverside city plans.Talli architects made preliminary plans and concepts for the use of the old buildings, and also drafted plans for the refurbishment of the area for LOCI Landscape Architects, the designers of the landscape plans for the area. The City of Vantaa will be selling Villa Söderbo and Söderling Mill (see photo). The refurbishment of the old factory chimney has just been finished.


Merry Christmas!

A heart-felt thank you to you, our clients and partners. This year, despite being exceptional, was a good year for Talli Architects. We have been able to share wonderful projects with you, and have also felt deep appreciation for the sense of togetherness and joy that has had its place even in a year like this. Our Christmas donation this year was directed to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and Save the Children.

We wish you all a Peaceful Christmas and a Kind New Year.



ARK 4/2020 Features the Conversion of the Old Margarine Factory into Flats

The latest issue of ARK (The Finnish Architectural Review) features Talli's residential project The Old Margarine Factory in Helsinki.
More about the project here.



Our Address Has Changed

Talli has returned from the holidays to new premises in Ratakatu 19, 00120 Helsinki.

We continue to share the address with our long-time collaborators R. Schnitzler and Vilhelm Helander, Juha Leiviskä Architects. Also, we are happy to now have A-Konsultit Architects and Antti Paatero Interior Design as part of our work community. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration in future projects.